Interview of Dr Laurent Sibo

23/10/2012 interview of Dr Laurent Sibo, general surgeon in Rwanda, who took part to the reconstructive surgery workshop in 2009 in Rwanda, in 20122 in Goma and Bukavu (DRC) and in Dar Es Salam in 2012.

Ah it is really incredible, we learnt lot. Especially in our countries, there are not enough experts in the field of the plastic and reconstructive surgery. In Rwanda for example, we only have today one plastic surgeon, who concluded his studies in South Africa one year ago. (…) Given that we are not specialists, we learn a lot next to them. It is thus incredible, incomparable, we cannot even describe, we learnt a lot. “

” The external support is complementary to our studies. We have many gaps with staff, but also regarding techniques. It is the support, which brings us the opportunity to fill all the gaps we have. “

It is a real pity to see a person who has, for example, a palatine and cleft lip at the age of 20 or 30 year old with nutritional and speaking complications, which we cannot correct any more. Then for us this help is really welcome. It brings at lot to the practitioners regarding training, health care delivery, but also to the patients regarding health care.”

The humanitarian work has no limit. In the future, we shall be able to organize missions through our organized (….) network.