Dr Alberto Musolas

Dr Alberto Musolas

Director of Medical

Specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Dr Musolas, you are from Spain what else could you tell us about you ?

Though I am Spanish and did all my studies in Medicine and General surgery here in Barcelona, I got my training specialization in Mexico with one of the most credited Plastic surgeons of the world, Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio. At his Service of Plastic Surgery I received a really top formation in the different fields of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, especially for congenital malformations, as clefts, and burn sequels.

What are the progresses of reconstructive surgery on the African continent?

It is slow but strong. Africa is full of very capable surgeons, with the best will and eager to get new knowledge. They are really skillful but lack the proper formation for a very specialized branch of the surgery as Plastic Surgery. It is a matter of time that in certain pathologies they will be teaching us.

You are an associated surgeon to the Swiss Association 2nd Chance, what does experience bring to its projects?

I have been keeping cooperating in developing countries from 1985, up to three times a year. From 2003, I have been involved in many educational workshops. This wide and intense experience will help this new, but strong and clear mind association, in covering their goals in both educational and humanitarian works, with local surgeons and population.