Cosecsa and 2nd Chance co-organise a successful workshop

From 20 to 24 February 2017, the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka (Zambia) hosted a first advanced workshop in reconstructive surgery organised by COSECSA and the Swiss Association 2nd Chance.

Thirteen surgeons from 9 different countries gathered for a week of training in Lusaka. Dr Michael Mbambiko, President of the Zambian Surgery Association and COSECSA country representative facilitated the training with the support of Dr Seke Kazuma and Dr Goran Jovic. Participants could also benefit from the training of Dr Pierre Quinodoz and Alberto Musolas and Dr Darry Hodgkinson from Australia, founder of The Operation Restore Hope treating cleft lips children in the Philippines.

Dr Faith Muchemwa, COSECSA Fellow in Plastic Surgery (Zimbabwe) and Dr Celma Issufo, head of Department of Plastic surgery at the Central Hospital in Maputo (Mozambique) completed the faculty team.

Participants worked on the techniques of Nose, eyelids and mouth reconstructive including lip and palate clefts. During an intense week of work 8 patients were successfully operated.
Next workshop will be held in Harare (Zimbabwe) in May 2017.