3D teaching film on surgery of cleft lips and palate

From 9th till 13th October 2013, the team of 2nd Chance led a short operating mission at the Hospital of Dar es Salaam (CCBRT) to realize the first shoots of a teaching movie in 3D about reconstructive surgery of the cleft lips and palate. Thanks to the support of the Association Lynx For Hope, 2nd Chance has the means to complete its educational tools available to train the surgeons coached by the Association mainly in Africa.

The 3D TECH production company collaborates with Dr Alberto Musolas and Dr Pierre Quinodoz to develop this project. The animations in 3D require elements, characters and scenarios modelled in three dimensions developed by computers. The images so created document the structures of the face to be reconstructed and offer details of reconstruction under several angles. The virtual cameras are livened up from the outside and the inside of the human body.

Dr Edward Wayi organized very effectively the surgical activity in Tanzania according to needs for the realization of the movie. The team of 2nd Chance was able to benefit from a very well equipped and very functional operating block as well as from a competent, flexible and effective medical team. A total of 10 patients was operated among which 7 suffered from unilateral cleft lips and 2 from complex contractures of the upper limbs and one of the lower limb.


In parallel of the mission, Dr Pierre Quinodoz met the director of the hospital. The case of little patient Maajabou, suffering from a complex deformation of the face, who should undergo care surgical in Switzerland thanks to two Swiss organizations Sentinelles et Terre of the Hommes, was discussed. Positive contacts were taken by 2nd Chance these last weeks to plan adequate medical solution.