2nd Chance with Mending Faces in a Cleft Mission in Lucena – Philippines

Lionel Dumont had the chance to participate to a cleft mission in Lucena Philippines with Mending Face association.
“Mending face is a charitable association based in Colorado and doing cleft surgery (and even more) in the Philippines. Our idea was to join them to look for different experiences with other groups that migth be valuable for 2nd chance since we were performing similar surgery.
That was a wonderful mission, I have been integrated smoothly and quickly into this amazing team… It might have been difficult to be part of a team working together since a long time, especially when you don’t really speak the language… but with this team, that was nice and easy!

I was really impressed by the way this Mending Faces mission was realized… Each and everyone has a real and important place whatever it is… the quality of the care given to these children was just perfect… the manner of doing and being was remarkable… and the whole team work was simply efficient and amazing….

In summary during the week, 61 surgeries were performed on 54 peadiatric patients (24 cleft lip, 25 cleft palate, 6 combinations). 11 children were sponsored to attend school; 3 elementary school visits and more than 1,000 children were provided with dental education.
The team was quite big, but each and everyone were doing something important and valuable. As an anesthesiologist, I have been impressing by the material and the skills deployed by the team. The Nurse and surgical team were also perfect. A lesson learned should also to approach cleft surgical management not only from the technical surgical point of view but also from an holistic approach including all perioperative management with anesthesiologist, nurse in recovery room & in the ward, pediatrician, speech therapist, social support, hygiene prevention…
One of the success key point of the mission was undoubtedly related the local support from Filipino NGO. The commitment of the local team was so great and efficient that all the mission was running well and smoothly.”
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