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Nicolas Pechère Funds

To understand the medical reality in poor countries

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The University of Geneva attaches importance to the acquisition of a comprehensive vision of health, and medical students are encouraged to expose themselves to the realities of developing countries. If more than half of the students want to do internships in poor countries, many people renounce for financial reasons .

Nicolas Pechère was a student accidentally died August 10, 2013 Medicine in Australia. He had the opportunity to discover the medical reality of poor countries, including Bolivia and Nepal. In his memory, and to allow medical students motivated such experiences, we hope, with the support of the Faculty of Medicine, provide five annual scholarships for internships to humanitarian vocations, and, where appropriate, support concrete cooperation projects proposed by these students. The granting of these scholarships will be a contest.

Nicolas PechèreFor further information on Nicolas Pechère Fund and in obtaining grants, please contact us at: marc.pechere@latour.ch
Nicolas Pechère Funds

This photo was taken in Nepal, one of the largest leper world.
It shows a Nepalese doctor advise to leprosy patients, accompanied by four students of the third year medical Geneva.

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