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To understand the medical reality in the poor and/or developing countries.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva attaches importance to a global vision of health taking into account social, economical, environmental and political aspects. The medical students are encouraged to be confronted and to face the hard reality in developing countries. More than two thirds of the medical students wish to realize their first stages of community medicine in poor countries but have often to renounce because of financial consideration.

Nicolas Pechère was a 3rd year medical student in Faculty of Medicine of University of Geneva who accidentally died in a crash car in Uluru, Australia, the 10th of August 2013. He had had the opportunity to discover the medical reality in poor countries, especially Bolivia, Mali and Nepal. He was durably and deeply impressed by these experiences.

In his memory, and in order to allow to medical students motivated by humanitarian medicine to perform such stages, we allocate each year, with the support of the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, five grants to promote humanitarian medical stages, and/or humanitarian projects. The allocation of these grants is competitive, based on the financial situation of the candidate and the quality of the project.

Contact : information on conditions for obtaining grants can be get by contacting Dr Marc Pechère : marc.pechere@latour.ch

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This picture was taken in Nepal, in the biggest leprosary of the world. We can see a Nepalese doctor counseling patients with leper, with 4 swiss medical students of whom Nicolas Pechère.

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